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product name: Holika Holika Milky Peko Fresh Special Set (4piece) item no.: 109173202001 brand: Holika Holika
function: category: gift sets & palettes product size: 4 piece
country of origin: Korea



HOLIKA HOLIKA Milky Peko Fresh Special Set (4PCS)

Let's open Milky Peko fresh special set! With 4 pieces Milky Peko makeup products,it reminds you the childhood memory and brings up your sweetheart.

HOLIKA HOLIKA Hard Cover Glow Cushion (01) (14G)

Your cushion is in the milk box! Formulate with aloe juice, it can keep moisture well and create a long-lasting makeup for you.

Product Features:
● The lightweight texture provides a comfortable feeling and calms skin, making it ideal to apply.
● It contains aloe juice that can strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and leaves the skin moist.
 Contains Polar Barrier TM*, it effectively insulates the skin from harmful substances and reinforces the skin barrier.


To create an outs-watering lip gloss with lovely Peko. Formulated with fruit complex, it gives you a refreshing feeling.

Product Features:
● Soft and comfortable oil paper texture, it can reduce the irritation to the skin.
● The paper-extracting design is simple and convenient.
● It comes with a small and lovely Peko that makes you still in your puberty.

HOLIKA HOLIKA Melti Jelly Blusher (03) (6g)

The strawberry fragrance makes you in a good mood. With two different colors, it can change your lip color as you like. Peko knows more about you!

Product Features:
● Contains multiple moisturizing ingredients, a combination of high moisturizing oils and fruit extracts nourish the lips.
● The strawberry shape is embedded in the lipstick, and the double-effect color changes the lip effect at any time.
● The smooth texture gives you a comfortable touch and the sweet scent surrounds lips.

HOLIKA HOLIKA Eye Shadow Palette (01) (6G)

Your sweet childhood memory hides in the eye shadow palette. Two various palettes for you to choose that make your girl’s heart come true.

Product Features:
 Four colors match for a perfect eye makeup effect.
 Matte, pearl and sequins are composed in it. Only need one palette, you can get a perfect eye makeup.
 It contains makeup powder that can create a long-lasting eye makeup effect.

*Data from Holika Holika official website.
* We make reasonable efforts to accurately display the colours of the products. However, the actual color you see will depend on your computer system and monitor (or screen), and we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor will accurately display such colors.

how to use

HOLIKA HOLIKA Hard Cover Glow Cushion 1. Slightly press the sponge puff. 2. Slightly pat the puff on face equally. HOLIKA HOLIKA Oil Paper Using either side of the tissue, gently blot off excess oil. Best to use it before reapplying the makeup. HOLIKA HOLIKA Melti Jelly Blusher Take an appropriate amount of blusher and apply it gently on the cheeks and smudge it. It also can be applied on the lips. HOLIKA HOLIKA Eye Shadow Palette Take the appropriate eye shadow color as a base, shadow and highlight to create a perfect eye makeup.


HOLIKA HOLIKA Hard Cover Glow Cushion  Aloe: Well keep moisture and calm skin  Raspberry Extract, Argan Oil, Allantoin, Centella asiatica Extract and Silk Amino Acid: Moisturizing

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