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item no.: 108903602002
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specification: 1 piece Gold
functions:FirmingAnti-wrinkleAll Skin Type


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product name: Medicox MF2.2 COLOUR THERAPIST Version II ERA OF DEPIGMENTATAION (1piece) (Gold) item no.: 108903602002 brand: Medicox
function: FirmingAnti-wrinkleAll Skin Type category: Beauty Devices product size: 1 piece



Consolidate the latest optical and cosmeceutical technologies, MF2.2 Colour Therapist becomes precedent of household beauty instrument allowing you to improve your skin quality anytime and anywhere. It is comparable to the effect of clinical beauty treatment for continual use.

how to use

Direction of Use  Open the battery cap in anti-clockwise direction and put 1 AAA battery into the machine (Negative pole faces upward).  Close the battery cap in clockwise direction.  Apply skincare products.  Slightly hold the side panel and contact function head on skin.  Move upward & outward in circular motion for 3 minutes. READ BEFORE USE:  To make sure moisture content on skin, always use skincare product before the operation.  The Micro-vibration function is conducted by human’s own bioelectric current, it is not working if you are operating on other person. BATTERY USE:  Use AAA 1 battery.  Each battery can be used for 30 times.  Rechargable batter can be used.  MAINTENANCE  Do remove battery after used.  Do wipe with clean cotton pad after used.  Do keep in velvety bag after used.  NOTICE Don’t drop this product or give a strong impact. / Don’t wipe with benzene, thinner or alcohol. / Don’t drop into the water. / Don’t leave this product in high temperature. / Keep out of the reach of children.


Ingredients: Ø Enhance cell metabolism and blood and lymph circulation Ø Lighten pigments and promote discolorations Micro-Vibration Ø Promote facial microcirculation and nutrient delivery Ø Aid skincare products absorption Non-irritating Microcurrent Ø Stimulate collagen synthesis and recontour skin texture Ø Retexture skin cells and lift the sagging skin PRODUCT TRIAL RESULT LIFTING & WRINKLE REDUCED 98%* Pigments lightened 92%* Wrinkles reduced 96%* Sagging improved *The result of 23 women above 25 years old continuously used MF2.2 Colour Therapist for 30days. * Applied with “MEDICOX Royal Caviar Revival Cream” & “MEDICOX Royal Caviar Eye Lift Cream”. Benefits: GATHER 3 BEAUTY TECHNOLOGIES 3 MINUTES A DAY IMPROVE 6 SKIN PROBLEMS 590nm Yellow Light

suitable for

all skin type

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