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item no.: 108646602001
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specification: 7 piece
functions:Hydrating Nourishing


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product name: DEVDO HYALURONIC ACID B5 CO2 GEL MASK (7piece) item no.: 108646602001 brand: DEVDO
function: Hydrating Nourishing category: Rinse Off Mask product size: 7 piece



CO2 oxygen injection technology is originated from the French studies of wound healing and treatment in 2003. Researchers found that CO2 with a concentration of 4,000 ppm can be produced by mixing CO2 gel and plant powder during their studies regarding the safe use of CO2 in treatment. If the mixture is allowed to stay on skin for 20-30 minutes, the CO2 content of which will permeate into skin effectively. After absorption of high concentration CO2 by the skin, red blood cells will release a large quantity of oxygen to skin cells (Bohr effect), which accelerates the activities of cells to the utmost. Skin problems can therefore be completely solved from the cell level.

Working with collagen (in extra high concentration) and vitamin B5, promotes the increase of skin moisture content by up to 67%. Apart from that, it also improves the moisture retaining capability of surface skin layers and the moisture storing capability of deeper layers. The oxygen injection, activating and moisturizing effects offered by the product to deep layers will last 24 hours, resulting in well-moisturized, nourished and silky skin.

how to use

1) Tear the sticker on the packing to open. 2) Remove the plant powder and small rod from the packing. 3) Cut to open the packs and add the plant powder to the CO2 gel mask. Mix and even with the small rod. 4) Apply the mask evenly on face using the small rod. Avoid contact with eyes. (The mask must be used within 5-10 seconds) 5) Allow to stay for 20-30 minutes before removing with facial cotton. Rinse with water afterwards. 6) The oxygen and moisture content of skin will be increased rapidly, offering a healthy glow. Points to Note: 1) User may experience tingling sensation for the first 5-10 minutes when applying the mask on face. That is a normal reaction due to oxygen injection. Keep the gel from eyes therefore to avoid discomfort. 2) Freeze the gel in refrigerator before use for better results. 3) The gel is developed based on dermatology medical science. It can be used on skin with acnes or allergy problem.


Hyaluronic Acid (Extra High Concentration) Hyaluronic acid is an acknowledged moisture retaining ingredient with powerful effect. It can continuously retain water in deep layers, prevent the loss of water content, restore the moisture level, youthfulness, firmness and elasticity of skin and lighten fine lines. Vitamin B5 Vitamin B5 is a very good repairing agent. Clinical researches point out that vitamin B5 is most suitable to be used after medical cosmetic treatments because it promotes rapid repairing of skin and enhances its natural water-retaining barrier which keeps the skin hydrated. E.G.F. (Discovery of Which was Awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine) E.G.F promotes the metabolism of blood vessel wall cells in skin as well as the formation and secretion of macromolecules (such as collagen and elastin, etc ) outside cells. It also increases the moisture content of skin, resulting in nourishment and better elasticity. With E.G.F., collagen fiber will line up in linear manner, and epidermal cells will grow rapidly and orderly to cover wounds in time. Colloidal Platinum Solution A colloidal solution in which platinum nanoparticles suspends. It builds up a moisture retaining barrier on skin surface, maintains the most ideal condition of moisturizing, and at the same time, improves the capability of skin to absorb minerals. Rare Horse Placenta from Thoroughbred The amount of amino acids in horse placenta is 300 times as many as that in pig placenta. It is more valuable and effective in terms of replenishing the nutrients required by skin. It offers swift and comprehensive effects such as whitening, moisturizing, lifting, firming and detoxification.