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product name: MVSK MVSK®Luxe Bust Up Deer Placenta X Stem Cell Complex Lotion (50ml) item no.: 108245202001 brand: MVSK
function: category: Breast Enhancement Cream product size: 50 ml



A breakthrough in biomedicine by remarkable Swiss biologists after 5 years of research — the product is made using cutting-edge technology with valuable active ingredients such as: highly concentrated pure & pollution-free New Zealand deer placenta extract, umbilical cord stem cells extract and top-grade blood bird's nest extract etc. These ingredients act among fat tissues to provide breasts boosting effect while promoting better contour and firmness.

Come with a silky texture, the cream is especially formulated for women with any of the following problems: poor breasts development, flat chest or small breasts, dark areolas, post partum atrophy, ptosis and loosening. It helps users to get lifted and firm breasts with silky skin and pink nipples.

Major Ingredients and Features:
Breast Enhancing Ingredients
◎Highly Concentrated Pure & Pollution-Free New Zealand Deer Placenta Extract: deer placenta is very similar to human placenta in terms of chemical and biological structure. It contains deer placenta protein, diacylglycerol pyrophosphate (DGPP), amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals (essential to human body). The ingredient is especially preserved using freeze drying method to keep the activity of placenta cells and is produced in high concentration (20:1), which can significantly increase the activity of SOD in human body and speed up the activity of breast tissue cells.
◎Umbilical Cord Stem Cells: promotes the regeneration of breast tissue cells.
◎Top-grade Blood Bird's Nest Extract: contains unique active protein that stimulates the regeneration, division and organization of breast cells.
The Product is Suitable for:
1. Women having poor breasts development due to congenital or acquired factors.
2. Women whose breasts have not absorbed good nutrition.
3. Women with underdeveloped breasts as a result of physical disorder.
4. Women with underdeveloped breasts as a result of inappropriate use of bras.
5. Women with sagging breasts.

how to use

Direction of Use: We suggest using in the morning and at night. Take an appropriate amount of the product and apply over breasts after cleaning. Massage gently for 5-10 minutes until fully absorbed. Hints Regarding Massaging Technique: 1. Take an appropriate amount of cream with finger and then apply over breasts. Massage using two fingers from bottom of breasts to the outsides with an upward motion and pat gently. 2. Massage using two fingers from bottom of breasts to the insides with an upward motion and pat gently. (Please pay attention to the direction of massage. Massage upward from the bottom is necessary for breast lifting) 3. Massage using two fingers from the outsides of breasts with an inward motion and pat gently. Massage 5-10 minutes on each side. (Please pay attention to the direction of massage. Massage inward from the outsides is necessary for centering breasts)


Firming and Nutritional ingredients ◎Kigelia Africana Extract: firms breast skin effectively. ◎Anemarrhena Root Extract: promotes the volume increase of breast fat cells. ◎Organic Quince Extract: nourishes and firms breast skin. ◎Caimito Extract: maintain the firmness of breast collagen fibre. Other Efective Ingredients Royal jelly, squalene, pueraria mirifica extract and olive butter.