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item no.: 107515309001
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specification: 200 g
functions:MetabolismAnti-water RetenionDetox


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product name: Fine Green Morning Smoothie (200g) item no.: 107515309001 brand: Fine
function: MetabolismAnti-water RetenionDetox category: Slimming Food product size: 200 g
country of origin: Japan



Features & Selling Points:

All you need to do is just mix this diet smoothie with water. Homemade smoothie is predicted to be the No.1 easy healthy drinks in 2014 by Nikkei
Inc. in Japan.However, it is not easy to continue making it. It takes time to prepare different kinds of vegetables and fruits,and use a blender. The good point of this product is that
you do not need blender to make it. All you need to do is just to stir it after pour water to it. What’s more, it also combines with the camellia extract powder, psylliumhusk, ucomannan to reduce appetite. It could be used as a diet meal or a nutritiousdrink to supplement vegetables.

●camellia extract powder 100mg, psyllium husk, glucomannan to reduce appetite and makes you feel full.

●219 kinds of food・enzyme
●9500mg of dietary fiber
●11 kinds of vitamins, calcium,magnesium and iron
●No blenderor shaker
necessary. Just need to mix it with a spoon.
●a measuring spoon is included


how to use

1. As a diet meal Mix 20g (2 measuring Spoon) of this product with 200ml of water in a cup. Fully mix it with a spoon.
2. As a nutritious drink Mix 10g (1 measuring spoons) of this product with100ml of water in a cup. Fully mix it with a spoon.


Water-soluble dietary fiber, dextrin, barley grass powder, soy protein, concentrated plant enzyme ( rice koji,pearl coix,apple pineapple,grape skin seed banana,onion,kiwi,cabbage,pumpkin,tomato,carrot, green pepper,broccoli,orange,radish,pomegranate juice,brown rice maitake mushroom,dried shiitake mushroom,rose hip,turmeric,barley,cinnamon,ciron,ginger,pseudoginseng,jujube,jew’s mallow,angelica keiskei,sweet potato,yam,soybean,glutinous millet,glutinous husked foxtail millet,barnyard millet,pearl barley,sorghum,red rice,red glutinous rice, black glutinous rice, green rice, curcuma aromatic, curcuma sedoaria, black-eyed pea,black bean),pysllium husk,camellia extract powder,juice powder(dextrin,concentrate orange juice,concentrated grape juice,concentrated apple juice,concentrated Satsuma orange juice,concentrated blueberry juice,concentrated peach juice,branching oligosaccharide,),glucomannan,dry powder of plant fermentation,wild grass extract,grains,seaweed,honey plant fermented food,,banana puree,polysaccharide thickener,acidulant,,shelfish calcium,magnesium oxide ,iron pyrophosphate,niacin,calcium pantothenate,BV1,VB6,VB2,V.A,folic Acid,VB12

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